Le Casot des Mailloles, VDF “Obreptice” 75cl

Obreptice Blanc Casot de Mailloles, Biodynamic wine, sensational garage wine, crisp, vibrant, natural, and just a little wild! Obreptice is mainly Vermentino with a little Marsanne for extra acidity. The Vermentino does very well in close proximity to the sea and it marries delicious salinity to the soft stone fruits and peachy aromalie at its core.

At the Casot of course, you get a whole lot more. The wine explodes with energy, vitality, it transports you to the coast of Banyuls and plants you firmly in a vineyard overlooking the Med eating grilled Sardines and celebrating the beauty of the place and the natural world. That is what natural wine can do - that conventional wine never does - it captures your imagination and fills you with emotion.

Made famous by the hard work of Alain Castex and his wife, it was now time for them to move on and they found in Jordi Perez the same spirit that had animated them all these years. Jordi took over gradually, working alongside them, and the wines made in 2015 are the last made by Alain and Jordi. Jordi now flies solo. Le Casot des Mailloles is a 5 hectare estate nestled on steep, walled terraces overhanging the town of Banyuls.

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